Zero Brands: The Story Behind Our New Products
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Zero Brands: The Story Behind Our New Products

Health looks different for everyone. It can mean preparing a meal with your family, going on a walk in nature, or spending time listening to music. Whatever your health journey looks like, we are here for you. Every day is a fresh start, and we want to help you make one simple step towards a better you.

That’s why we created a zero added sugar product with you in mind. We wanted to provide you with the opportunity to make an easy, healthier choice by swapping out your usual dessert for a Zero Added Sugar Fruit Cream Bar.

We wanted to make the best cream bars possible, so we replaced added sugar with natural sweeteners like allulose, monk fruit, and steviol glycosides. We understand the health concerns associated with sugar alcohols, so we got rid of those too. We also used real fruit instead of artificial fruit flavors. Our bars are colored with natural ingredients including annatto extract and cranberries, not like the other guys who use red-40 or yellow-5. Not to mention, we supplemented our bars with probiotic cultures. We know how important gut health is, so we made it a priority for our community.

Our bars also contain the freshest cream from local farms. Supporting family-owned farms is of upmost importance to our brand, so we purchase all our milk and cream from a dairy cooperative that supports generational dairy farmers. We want to bring you milk and cream that come from cows where care is set to the highest standard.

At the end of the day, we recognize that food is medicine. So, providing our community with a wholistically better-for-you dessert that also tastes great is why we’re here.

Let’s start the journey to a better you today.

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